The year is 9:39 of the Dragon Age.

The south still grieves in the aftermath of the Fifth Blight, villages and towns barely recovered from the plague that threatened them all. Most of you were near enough during this that you bore witness to some events, heard the wistful tales of heroes sweeping aside the tide of evil, and of a power struggle in the capital that risked tearing the country asunder even as the larger foe stood at their gates. However, it was almost over as soon as it had begun.

Though many would say they are happy for the peace that has survived the last few years, many are unsure and await the next calamity. Winds from overseas carry whispers of war between mages and their jailers, the Templar Order. Echoes from the west bring tales of political intrigue and rising tension between the Empress and her family. Your individual travels bring you to a rest stop off of the Imperial Highway, the village of Shaleglen, a peaceful mining village nestled amongst the trees.

And so begins our story. The story of how the Night fell.

Dragon Age: The Party Chronicle

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