Overseer of the Shaleglen Miners


Shoulder-length chestnut brown hair, he dresses extravagantly (for a miner) to compensate for his stressful position. One would almost imagine he’s never happy, as he wears an near-permanent furrowed brow.


Koran: 50 (Warm)
Vitaar: 30 (Neutral)
Baldric: 20 (Neutral)
Reese: 20 (Neutral)


He was met shortly after the mine collapse at Shaleglen, as the Party was directed his way by one of the miner’s they rescued.

Deep in a heated debate with his fellow Koran, he seemed almost beaten by the circumstances, not knowing what to do next – his miners were scared, their progress scuppered, and now their benefactor was nowhere to be seen.

He’d even sent a scout over to the benefactor’s house to ask after him, only to later find out he’d been killed by the very man he was sent after.

Happy for any help to take stress off of his back, he sent Koran away to gather the miners for a meeting, while Vitaar rummaged about in Valen’s house, eventually returning with the scout’s body and news that he had apparently been planning this all along.

Angered at his blame in all that had happened, he resolutely sent the group after Valen, not caring whether he was alive or dead, informing them he’d apparently come from the eastern roads, hailing from somewhere far to the south.


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