Experimental Human Blacksmith from Lothering


Clean-shaven, his head glistening amidst the fires of the forge, it’s almost a miracle his moustache has survived so long, as it droops well past his chin.

Affection level:

Jeren: 100 (son)
Vitaar: 36 (warm)
Rest: 0 (not met)


Seemingly at home in the fading village of Lothering, he spends most of his days hammering away at the anvil, providing for his fellows, occasionally selling goods to any that pass through.

The last few months have seen trade dwindle, and he seems among the many looking to journey elsewhere.

While most of his work seems fairly standard, he has spent the growing downtime to experiment with new methods of metalwork – producing a prototype lightweight kite shield, which was eventually traded to Vitaar as the party asked after his bounty posting.

The day before the Party arrived, his son, Jeren, had disappeared in the company of a strange man that vanished as soon as he’d arrived. At first, he presumed his son had gone off on another of his escapades, as the man had asked after his son specifically. What made him worry was that Jeren never returned, not to say goodbye, or where he was going. That wasn’t like him.

After a day of waiting, he hammered a posting onto the Chantry board asking if anybody had any information about where his son was, not knowing that the person who had come asking was responsible for the massacre at Shaleglen.

Vitaar followed up on the posting and met with Jarath at his smithy, asking for any further details, before asking after his wares, trading some of the gemstones he’d acquired back in Shaleglen for the prototype shield. The Tal-Vashoth even asked if he’d be willing to take a commission, for a large two-handed axe similar to the one he’d wielded during his younger days. All too happy to take his mind off other matters, Jarath instantly set about on the project, saying it would be a couple of days at least.


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